Which one? BWV, BC, or YC

For our (hopefully) summer 2021 trip, we know we want to stay in the Epcot area so that we can walk to Epcot and HS. Which resort would you pick- Beach Club Resort, Boardwalk Villas, or Yacht Club and why?

Who will be in your travel group?

Me, DH, DS14, DD8, and DS4.

Beach or Yacht for Stormalong Bay!


Probably Beach Club with littles who’ll want the big pool and best slide if you plan to spend resort time. My personal fave as an adult is Boardwalk and it’s a wee bit closer to DHS from the villas side but not probably enough to warrant the pool for your kiddos. I prefer Beach to Yacht.

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I agree with PP on Beach or Yacht with the ages of your kids.

I also like a balcony, so I choose Yacht for that. That said in the summer may be too hot to go out on it, so either would be fine. I’d pick whichever is less expensive; sometimes there is a difference.

I can see wanting a balcony for sure. We just asked for one on our request and got the biggest balcony I’ve ever seen so I don’t even think about the rooms that don’t have them or have the small ones.


I too prefer YC because I love a balcony. A full balcony is possible at BC, but there are just not enough of them. BW has not announced the hotel side opening date, has it?

I believe you are correct about BW. I am only seeing the villas portion as available.

I love the general areas and atmosphere at BW, but you can of course enjoy it from any of these.

I don’t have any proper tips but imo you can’t go wrong with the Epcot area resorts, after “returning” there last year I don’t think I want to stay anywhere else. Being able to walk to two parks is top priority for me.

YC for me. BC is stinky by Cape May IMO. Bf and I are doing BWV for the first time in October though. Also a big fan of the Swolphin but we don’t care about DME or Theming.