Which of my lovely children do I abandon?


Flying Fish

Pick two.

So Flying Fish and Narcoossees both specialize in seafood? I would keep the one in a park, so Narcoossees.

Keep Jiko, I LOVE Boma so figure Disney does their African-inspired diahes well and would want to go there.

And now your reaction to my wild guessing will tell you what you want!

Jiko for sure! Haven’t eaten at the other 2 (yet) so, not much help there but…I do read great things about Flying Fish.

Jiko is our favorite restaurant in the bubble. :heart_eyes:

ETA: keep these two - don’t abandon. LOL I didn’t read the assignment very well!

I’m no help…only done FF and I do love it

The complication is that Narcoossee’s comes with HEA and EWP viewing. Dinner and a show.

Both Jiko and Flying Fish are in slightly awkward locations.

All get good reviews.

I don’t have to cut any of them. I’m just trying to see what my options for change are.

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Narcoosees and Jiko

Wait. I picked two to eliminate.

If two to keep Jiko and Flying Fish

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But but but dinner and a show !

You asked.

Of course @OBNurseNH is right!


Wait! Cancel Jiko? No! Ignore my last post :grinning:

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I would ditch HBD and Le Cellier.


Le Cell


By the way, I’ve never eaten at Narcossee; but have eaten at all the others.

WDW should have one hotel, one restaurant and one ride. And that’s it.

It’s frankly ridiculous how much choice there is and how many options there are.


Ditch LC, I did not care for it at all. Keep Jiko and Flying Fish. I would probably ditch Narcossees as well…fireworks should be viewed from Main Street, which you will get at the Dessert Party I know you are booking. :rofl:

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Narcoossees is not in a park?


If Flying Fish is on an Epcot or Studios day, then it’s not awkward…

MP is definitely awkward on a MK day. We did that on 12/26. I hate that walk from Epcot front to MP.

Oops, thought it was in Epcot! Skimmed my Google results.

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