Which night time show has the more urgent need for reserved seating: HEA or Star Wars Galactic Spectacular?

We are planning on seeing both shows, but only doing a dessert party for one of them. Which show, in your opinion, do we benefit the most from having reserved seating? For context…this is an end of July trip with a CL5 for our MK day and a CL6 for our HS day. For Star Wars…we will NOT being doing Fantasmic, just the Star Wars show so we can really get there at any time.

I know this is subjective, but mostly looking at minimizing the wait time required for staking out a good spot. TIA!

pretty sure this would be HEA,

from what we’ve seen the SW fireworks are typically not as well attended as HEA

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This is what my gut was telling me also…just wanted to try to get some insight from people who have experienced Star Wars first hand. Thanks!

Following as I may be making the same decision in a few months - but I’ll be there after SWGE opens, so it will probably be a whole different experience…

So I will say that you really don’t need to reserve for the Star Wars show beforehand, but the party is really cool with lots of great options, and Stormtroppers roaming around as well as easy access to the characters in the launch bay. It made for a really cool evening.

Currently, HEA draws a bigger crowd so the dessert party has more of an advantage. With that said it is my least favorite dessert party as far as food (but food really isn’t the point). The SW dessert party is fun and has some decent food options. But honestly there currently isn’t a problem finding a great viewing spot for SW fireworks.