Which MK TP?

I need liner expertise!

We are staying for DAH on our MK day. I’m planning to drop my 10AM Peter Pan to get a Splash FPP (is that crazy?). We’ll do PP during DAH. Would you do Splash FPP at 1 or 3?

Splash at 1:00 https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3439496

Splash at 3:00 https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3438140

It’s me, DH, DS17 and DD14 if that matters.


I’m not an expert so my opinion isn’t based on much experience :grin: but the only thing I dislike as much as standing in lines is walking through crowds, so I’d go with the 3:00 splash plan. I like how rides are grouped by land.

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I also like the Splash at 3. The other one has you too crissy-crossy for my liking.

Thanks, guys. I don’t like criss crossing too much if we don’t have to. Since we are lucky enough to be able to do DAH I feel like we can try to tour by land and then use DAH to hit some headliners again with low waits.

Someone on Disboards suggested Splash FP right before lunch instead of Mermaid so FPP would be done when we tap into 7D at 2:15 and I can start looking for FP 4 for Mermaid after 7D, then FP 5+ for POC and JC. Might still be criss-crossy because we’d need to head back toward Liberty Square/Adventureland for parade. Have to plug it in and play with it.