Which MK coaster do you do first thing and why?

At RD - which MK coaster are you running, sorry, ‘walking with purpose’ for? Do you do that one again later with a FPP? Will the new MK opening change your strategy?

I typically have FPPs for Splash, BTMRR and SM. The 7DMT seating is very painful for me, so it’s not usuallyon my TP. If it is, it replaces SM (which my back really doesn’t like anymore).

We head to Space first, we will also have a FP for it and get a same day FP if available.

I too do Space first, usually multiple times, as stand by and then FP later.

Space because it’s closest to the entrance so you spend less of your precious early morning time walking there. It’s also closer to other things we want to do early morning. So is 7 dwarves, but lines get long there fast so we save for FP.

Two mornings DH and I RD’ed Space. We were able to ride twice each morning before the lines got too long. Then we headed off into the rest of the park. (We had FP+ for 7DMT for three days so we never had to RD it)

We usually do Space first, too, then off to Buzz Lightyear before heading out to Adventureland. I noticed no one does 7DMT first, yet that seems to be where the crowds head. We do FP the Mine Train, but then the kids ask if they can go again.