Which Mexican Restaurant

My sister wants to try one of the Mexican restaurants in the World Showcase so I wanted to take a poll. Which one would you choose? San Angel Inn or La Hacienda?

Depends on what sort of experience she wants. Go to La Hacienda for the food (upscale Mexican, definitely not Taco Bell), or go to San Angel Inn for the location/themeing. Also, if she times it out right and gets a table near the windows she can watch Illuminations from LaH.


LOVED La Hacienda. Will definitely enter into our rotation of favorites!

Agree with brklinck for sure. I love both La Hacienda (the food rocks) and San Angel Inn (the ambiance). I’d go to both if I could squeeze it in.

Haven’t tried either.

But she should definitely try the Margarita place! :grinning: :cocktail:


As a Mexican I can tell you that I’ve been to neither! :grin:
Buuuut… San Angel Inn is the finest restaurant in Mexico city. So elegant and expensive that 95% of Mexicans can’t eat there. I am sure you’ll get the most genuinely Mexican meal there, the restaurant’s fame speaks for itself! And you get a volcano to boot! :volcano:


I’m a Houstonian, so I’m quite familiar with Mexican food. I haven’t eaten at San Angel Inn since I was a small child. I don’t remember it to be honest. I just looked at the two menus and I would go with La Hacienda personally. They both have more than just the typical Mexican food you find in the States.

I’m pretty sure that the only thing that is in common here is the name - I would never classify WDW’s San Angel Inn as among the finest… :wink:

Don’t break my illusion @brklinck!!

San Angel is one of the most beautiful settings in WDW; La Hacienda has less atmosphere, but much better food.

Thanks everyone! I think La Hacienda is the winner. While we do like good atmosphere, food quality trumps everything.


I can’t speak to San Angel Inn’s food NOW, but we went 22 years ago and LOVED the atmosphere. I believe the food was fine, not great, not bad, just fine. But the atmosphere was what we were going for since it was our one and only expensive meal on our honeymoon.

Based on the Disney Food vloggers my wife watches now, however, they seem to rate the food there poorly, so I don’t know if it has gone downhill, or if it is just telling how much we are NOT foodies. :slight_smile:

I love SAI. Request a table on the river and then you watch people go by on the ride and the ambience is amazing. Food is good. Maybe it’s what you order. I love the pork tacos - delish! and my husband always gets a vegetarian dish. Add the free chips and salsa and a margarita and it’s a great meal!