Which Made with Magic (formerly Glow with the Show) accessory would you buy?

We are planning a ten day trip in October and hope to see all four night time shows (Happily Ever After, Illuminations, Fantasmic!, and Rivers of Light). I think we will want to buy our DDs 6 and 9 a Made with Magic toy that lights up with the show (but not more than one per kid).

From what I gather the options will be:
Mickey Ear Hat
Minnie Mouse Headband
Mickey Mouse Glove
Sorcerer Mickey Wand
Totem Pole Wand (RoL)

I think any of the above will work for:
Happily Eveer After in MK
World Showcase (but not specifically Illuminations?) in EP
Fantasmic! in HS
Rivers of Light (assuming it is still running in October) in AK

I have read that the Mickey Ear Hat is uncomfortable and it occurs to me that if you’re wearing it, you can’t see what it’s doing. I would think the glove or the wands would be more fun. But of course I want the kids to watch the show, not their hands.
Do folks find them distracting, or cool?
Which one would be the most fun to have after the trip?
Are we better off just bringing our own glow sticks (as we did on a previous trip) and ‘making our own’ magic?

We have the headband, which is really tight and kinda heavy and the wand which DS8 really likes. But in reality, we brought it with us a couple of nights and then got tired of carrying it around and haven’t brought it with us since.

We have the mouse ears that light up. They’re kind of heavy for a hat. DS4 would wear them for a bit and then want nothing to do with them. I end up wearing them every time he decides he wants to bring them to the park.