Which LL attractions at DL and DCA go down at park opening? Looking for a MEP

Hi there. My strategy is going to be to book a LL as soon as we are in the park (at 7:30) for an attraction that normally goes down at park opening so that I can get a Multiple Experience Pass (MEP). I’ve heard Indiana goes down a lot. Any other recommendations at DL or DCA? Any attractions normally go down towards the end of the park hours? I’ve heard you can get a MEP at park closing as well and use it on your next day. Thanks y’all!

For my trip next week, I’m going with Indy in DL, and TSMM in DCA. Goofy’s has been the normal DCA go to, but TSMM has been down a lot at opening recently.

Definitely Indiana Jones, also TSMM. Several mornings we saw Incredicoaster down at opening. Sometimes Webslingers.

The other benefit of those 2 is that they’re both Tier 1 Attractions, so the MEP applies to everything except PP, Rise, & RSR. Another benefit for TSMM, is that ride doesn’t have any drop times.

Well, using the Indiana Jones/TSMM strategy Thur/Fri/Sat I was 3 for 3 for golden tickets.

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Oh that’s awesome!!

I didn’t do it on purpose, but I did Indy amf TSMM and sure enough they both were down in the morning.

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