Which line is worse...rock n roller coaster or toy story

I have not been back to Hollywood since they opened another track to toy story and I’m curious if that has made a big enough impact on the wait that its now better to use your fast pass on rock n roller coaster. Thoughts?

It’s so much better to FP RnRC. The line for that is usually well over an hour, TSM is frequently under 30 mins. It’s pretty easy to get as a 4th FP too - at least in my experience.


I would second that. My husband and I had no problem riding toy story early with very little wait and then riding later with FPs (rolling FPs that I snagged about 10 minutes before we got on).

As far as the two lines go, RnR is a super boring standard roller coaster line and it seems to build quickly then stay there. The only downfall to TSMM is it can be a little sensory overload if that bothers anyone in your party - otherwise the line is much more enjoyable to be in.


I agree with @missoverexcited and @cjandres! FP RnR unless you have shorties.

This is very interesting. I recently did my advanced FPP+ and chose TSM rather than RnR because of TP FPP+ advice. Maybe this is pre-expansion advice.

Why FastPass+ Isn’t Recommended at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

You’ll notice Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster only mentioned once in the chart. Why? Remember that the Studios puts its FastPass+ attractions into two groups (see above). You’re allowed to choose 1 FastPass+ attraction from Group A, and 2 attractions from Group B. And Toy Story Mania almost always has the longer waits, so it should be your FastPass+ choice in Group A most of the time.

If you can get FastPass+ reservations for Toy Story, Star Tours and Tower of Terror, our free Disney World touring plan software will usually make Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster your first stop, where you’ll find the lowest waits of the day.

Years ago I used to love doing RnR over and over. There were nights when we would do it 5 times in a row and then do the same thing with ToT - back and forth over and over. I think I have done stand by on RnR three times over the last five years? That line is almost always backed up! TSMM wait times have significantly decreased, especially at rope drop.

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I’d say that was before. The third track at TSM made a huge difference, plus I would guess that a lot of families with small children are skipping HS now.


Thank you! I just changed our families FPP+

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I did three times in June! I will say with a party of two, I had no problem getting multiple FPs for both of these

RNR has a single rider line, if you want to not use a FPP on it. And if your group is willing to ride solo.

Single rider RnR line is often times unpredictable. The last 3 times I tried to use it I waited longer than the posted standby for the regular line. I am not a fan of SR for RnR.


No I wouldn’t recommend it either.

I love rnrc. I have done it five times in a row one trip. I was solo so uses the single rider. But this was about 3 years ago

Now the ride times are just yuck. And single rider is not what it used to be.

So if you really want this fpp is the way to go. Which i see you already have.

Single rider seemed to be closed a lot for RNR when we were there but we seemed to be able to get lots of same day 4,5,6th FPs. But then we’ve only been to HS twice. :flushed:

I used SR line for RNR successfully last July, but it was still fairly early in the morning. I was park hopping and had other plans for my advance FPP, thus I was willing to try SR. I had read of the warnings about potential long SR lines, it wasn’t long at the time I tried. I lucked out.

That was my experience mid June this year. SR was only open part of the day but FPs seemed not too hard to come by as the day went on

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