Which Lightning Lanes skip great queue theming

Copying a similar question posted in WDW.

Which queues are so good that they’re worth the standby line?

For instance…does the LL for Star Tours skip the spaceport’s terminal area and just spit you out at boarding?

I haven’t been to DLR in at least 10 years, am taking my kids for their first time and will have Genie+. Would hate to skip anything great, especially if there isn’t a big difference in waiting standby or LL.

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As far as the specific Star Tours question, I definitely remember LL being a parallel, faster line through a terminal area when we went last summer so I think you’re good there.

Since we did LL via G+ or DAS for everything that had it, I’m curious myself if we missed anything that we should catch this summer. Though it may not change anything in our case since we have the DAS for a reason.


The only rides I can think of where you might miss something interesting by using LL are Mission Breakout, ROTR, and Runaway Railway.


For Mission Breakout it used to be that LL put you at a disadvantage of seeing a lot of cool stuff in the room right inside the indoor queue as they used to have standby queue up throughout that room & would just send LL down to one side to then line up for the collector’s office pre-show.

However, now both are equally at a disadvantage as they don’t let any sides really queue in that room. Instead they hold both LL & standby in their respective outside queues (the standby being much longer) & send the number of people they need to fill the collector office pre-show area so they rush you through it.

For RotR & also MF you miss some small things in the queue before the first pre-show, but nothing so crucial that I wouldn’t do LL. If you are a Star Wars Fan & have time for a re-ride and their lines are waits you are willing to wait in (for me that’s 15-20 for MF and 45-60 for RotR), then you might enjoy the touches in both of those queues.

Then the queue that will really bypass amazing queue theming is Runaway Railway. The queue at DLR is phenomenal with SO many Easter Eggs to Mickey & Minnie et el. in all the different shorts, cartoons, series & films they have appeared in throughout their entire existence & with beautiful nods to Hollywood. If you are going to the El Capitan Theater specifically in Hollywood as a part of your DLR trip, then you’ll appreciate & instantly recognize even more of that aspect of it. It’s SOO well done.

Also, I haven’t done Roger Rabbit since Toontown re-opened but if it’s the same as before you skip that entire queue doing LL. It took me doing a nighttime ride on it & then re-watching of Roger Rabbit right before going on a DLR trip to realize that its queue is actually themed in great detail & if you appreciated Roger Rabbit at all, it’s worth going through the queue. I would definitely try to do it after dark because the queue is SO dark that in the daytime your eyes will not adjust to really see all the glow-in-the dark elements or small shadowy details that require your eyes to adjust to seeing in the dark to see.

Everything else that has an LL either combines the LL in such a way that you get the full experiencing of any theming or is just very light scenery touches that you wouldn’t miss one bit in the LL.


I agree that MMRR is one I would not miss. It is really amazing amd like a walk through attraction on its own.

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Thank you all so much, this is great to know and I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

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