Which is faster? Switch off or single rider line?

Which is generally faster? Switching off, or using single rider lines?
We are two adults visiting with two young children. Only the two adults intend to ride these particular attractions. If we switch off, my understanding is that we’ll all wait in the regular line. If we use single rider lines, one adult will enter at a time while the other waits nearby with the children. I want to do whichever is most efficient.

I would say rider swap since it puts you in the fast pass line. When I first read your question I immediately thought of RnR since that single rider line can be longer than stand by!


YES! I’ve actually been jammed into the holding pen on Single Rider on RnR to the point where they had to do a couple of trains of just people from the single rider pen because it was literally getting dangerously crowded in there.

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It depends on when you go. I went at the end of Oct with CL 6 and 7 and was able to get on RSR within 15 minutes using single rider line. I am sure it would be different if the CL was 9 or 10.

If the 2 adults are switching off for rides, you shouldn’t need to wait in line together or both wait in the regular line individually. If one person waits in the regular line, the other adult can wait nearby with the children (we find playgrounds or kid-friendly rides). The 2nd adult then goes through the FPP queue with the rider switch.

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