Which is better? Mansions or Alligator Bayou?

I was able to snag FD this morning for our stay, but had to switch from preferred to pool view. Which section is better? I want to update my room request but don’t know which to choose.

I want to be close to the main pool and the food court…hence the preferred room I originally booked.

Can I get opinions from you guys on which side to choose?

Since you aren’t in preferred in AB there is a chance you could be pretty far out. The two mansions that aren’t Royal Rooms are close to the feature pool and the main building is on the other side of that.

I love the mansions. The area is so beautiful with flowers, fountains and lights.

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I think it comes down to the theming that you like. I prefer FQ to R; that being said, I would prefer the mansions to AB.

Mansions. Definitely. When we stayed at Parterre Place in a Royal Room, we walked through AB and decided that for POR, if we couldn’t get a mansion we’d stay elsewhere.

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