Which hotels have "great" bus service to the MK?

We’re trying to pick a resort that will make us miss the Wilderness Lodge’s boat service the least (should we decide to avoid the WL construction in 2016). Forgetting convenience to all other parks and just focusing on the MK, which non-MK area resort (so no WL, FW, or monorail resorts) would you recommend for it’s transportation to the MK?

AKL, 15 minute trip, does not share with another resort.

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We had a great transportation (and hotel) experience at Pop a few years ago. I liked it better than WL! It has a very fun, family atmosphere. We never waited more than a few minutes for a bus and it doesn’t share with any other resorts. The only drawback was no TS restaurant (just a food court). So if we went back to our hotel for an afternoon break and wanted TS dinner, we had to then take a bus back to a park or a cab to another hotel. It was a great excuse to eat at some of the Deluxe hotels.

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I’ve always had great transportation while staying at Pop. The trip isn’t especially long. The only issue is at the end of the day. The bus stop is approximately 100,000 miles from the exit to the park. Which is odd, as it’s much shorter in the morning. Must be they stretch it out at night. Or maybe it just feels that way after 10 hours in the park! :wink:


OMG it soooooooo much feels like this. LOL.

otherwise, POP has a great bus system.


I had no issues with All Stars Music, mostly had our own bus except late at night, like after the kiss goodnight. And that was fine, no issues. The biggest issue with the buses comes with all of them when you have to wait for a scooter to load or unload.

Otherwise I am all for buses, never rent a car anymore.

Seriously… I would pick the one with the closest bus stop. It’s crazy I know but at the end of a long day that walk to the bus from the gates is BRUTAL!!! @theredhead is absolutely correct. Pop’s bus stop really is 100,000 miles away.

Is this based on multiple visits? The reason I ask is Touring Plans give it a long trip to MK, something like 30+ minutes. Thanks!

Multiple visits and timed. It is not a 10 minute trip to MK, but from loading of bus to gate was 15 minutes every time ( from Jumbo)).

Depending on the time of year, POFQ has one of the best, centralized locations on property. As long as they don’t stop at POR (which on our trip they never did), it was about 10 minutes to MK. They take some back road past Golden Oak to get to MK. Super fast route. OKW and SS may take the same route but I have never stayed there so cannot speak to that. I think transit time to all parks & DTD from POFQ was under 15 on that particular trip. Bonus**boat transportation to DTD.

Great point since my last stay at POR I gave up on those buses and almost always hopped on the FQ bus and walked to POR

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