Which hotel

So, we normally stay in riverside or french quarter but we are trying to keep the costs down this go around when we go to disney in november
how would you compare all star vs pop vs art of animation? Is one of them much better than the others? if your choice is an all star…which one? two children will be 9 and 7 at the time.

Thanks in advance for advice

If you’re looking to keep costs down I wouldn’t go for AoA.

POP is the only value that I would go back to. I haven’t stayed at AoA, but as a single I don’t need a family suite, and the LM rooms are too far away to be of interest to me.

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Since they refurbished the rooms, I think Pop has to be at the top of the list (it’ll have the skyliner too). But remember that they’re about halfway through a refurb at All Star Movies that I assume will be finished by November, so I think that’s one to consider right now as well.

Personally, I prefer the All Stars because they’re smaller. There’s less people to compete with when it comes to the food court and buses. Pop is larger and if you get stuck in the back, it can be far to your room from the bus stop. If you were guaranteed a refurbished room, I’d choose Movies.

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I love Pop, it’s been years since I was at any of the AS. My reasoning about Pop are the Queen size beds, and feel like park travel times are better, also if you don’t like what’s on the menu you can walk to AOA. AS seems more isolated, I’m assuming they still have double beds.

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They’re in the process of refurbishing the rooms at the All Stars (starting with movies) and the refurbed rooms have queens.

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I’ve stayed in ASMu, ASMo, and Pop. Definitely prefer Pop because of its proximity to AoA. The Pop room was refurbished, which was nice, but by the time you get there the AS resorts will probably be refurbished as well. I loved the lake, especially at night. If I say in another value, that where I will stay.

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I use the All Stars when I can save enough on airfare by taking a late flight and need a place to sleep for the night. That way I don’t burn a night (and a day of dining plan) at “main” resort.

Based on my stays in the All Stars, I would book elsewhere (i.e. POP) if the budget would permit it.

We’ve stayed at Pop, AoA, ASMu and ASMo (about 15 years ago).

Until they refurb All Star Music, Pop is my choice. I really like their food court and overall feel of the resort. As far as AoA oges (and I like their food court too), I would prefer Pop over the LM rooms.

The skyliner should be open by then so that’s another plus for Pop.