Which hotel is closest?

Trying to decide which hotel to stay at – the plan has been to stay at Portofino, but looking at it on Google maps, it looks like it’s the furthest away. That said, I know that “as the crow flies” proximity doesn’t always mean you can get there quickly.

Soooooo, which hotel is easiest/fastest to get to from the parks?

Good question–I’d like to know, too.

For walking, Hard Rock is by far the closest (especially to USF’s front gate), Royal Pacific is a little further away (would be closer if the path wasn’t so convoluted) and Portofino is far enough that it’s quicker to cross the street to HRH and walk from there. But if you take the boats they are all within a minute of each other.

Of course, the furthest hotel is still closer than Swan/Dolphin to International Gateway, or Grand Fla to Magic Kingdom.

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Wow, I had no idea! Thanks for the perspective!

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Where is Cabana Bay in comparison?

Cabana Bay is a 15 minute walk or bus ride from the park gates. Watch this video:

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None of the hotels are all that far from the parks. Portofino is probably the nicest. Huge rooms (bigger than WDW delux) No express passes with Cabana Bay rooms.

Thank you!!