Which H&V breakfast time best w/ Jedi signup?

I have two H&V breakfast ADRs setup for the same day, I need to figure out which to cancel b/c I’ve had conflicting advice.
I have a 9:10 and a 10:30. Jedi signup is high on our priority list and obviously we need to get that taken care of upon arrival. I like the 10:30 breakfast (but tbh am a bit afraid of them removing breakfast items from buffet line to start putting lunch out since it is so close…), I know that would give us plenty of time to make RD, rush to Jedi signup and probably even try for a standby TSM ride before breakfast and we wouldn’t be eating during prime touring time.
The 9:10 on the other hand would guarantee breakfast food the whole time we’re dining, and someone suggested to me I take that one b/c I’d probably be able to finagle getting into the park a bit before RD and going to Jedi signup…but I’ve since heard conflicting information and been told that if my ADR is not BEFORE RD, I won’t get in at all early. Which is a little frustrating b/c how can they assume 10 minutes will be ample time to make it to signup and complete the process before making it to breakfast?
I’m really struggling w/ this one and can’t seem to complete my HS plan until I decide and take action. I’d love if a 10:00 became available, I have a res finder set up.
We have 11 days and counting so I’m really trying to tie up loose ends! Advice please!

Hi @Haylekk,

We signed up for Jedi Training on a CL8 day by being at the gate at 7:45 for a 9 AM park open. We were first in line at one set of turnstiles. At around 8:35, they let us in. We were done signing up for training by 9 and had our choice of shows. The sign up is very near H&V. My experience is that if you are willing to be super early for rope drop, the sign ups only take a minute, and you’d be fine for 9:10 (they also might not mind if you are a minute or two behind). But obviously the 10:30 res would take some of the pressure off.

I don’t have any experience with dining close to the changeover to lunch - hopefully someone else does! Have fun on your trip!

I don’t think you’ll get in earlier than the masses. If you’re there by 8:15am then you should be finished with JSU by 9:10am, but I would go with the 10:30am.

I don’t think we will either w/ a 9:10 which makes me question whether dining during early park hours is even worth it for our scenario…We are planning to get there by 8:30, earlier IF we can manage lol…I don’t want to be overly ambitious. We are going straight to JSU so hopefully can be done quickly.

We are looking at at CL4 day, and going to try our best to be there at 8:30 or sooner…I know 7:45 won’t happen lol. How long would you estimate the signup would take if we lined up at the turnstile at 830?

So do they typically let the masses in at 8:30 or so? We’ve never arrived at HS earlier than a few minutes before 9 for a 9am opening lol.

It is recommended that to get ahead of the crowds and to wait for a shorter period of time in the JTA line, you need to be there by 8 am or at the very latest 8:15am. If you arrive at 8:30, you will more than likely be at the back of the crowd at the turnstiles. You will then have a much longer wait. Probably at least 30-60 minutes.

They typically open the turnstiles between 8:35 and 8:45.

Yes, the day I was there at RD, they opened the gates to the crowd at 835 but then had actual rope drops within the park to the big rides at 9. You could get to Jedi sign ups once the gates opened, but not to TSMM, for example, until 9. Everyone was either near Jedi training or in that central area by the water.

I fear that what @Alewis678 says will happen even on a low CL day because Jedi training is so popular. If you aren’t super picky about which showtime you get, you will probably be fine signing up after arriving at 8:30, but the line might take a while (30-60 min sounds right, unfortunately, based on what I saw forming behind us).

Based on everything you’ve said, if you won’t be at the front of the pack when the gates open (and believe me, I know how brutal that earlier arrival is!), I’d keep the later breakfast res. Hope that helps!