Which entrance for UOR to get to Olivanders the quickest

Hoping to get to Olivander’s immediately upon entering the park. Using the TP but it starts with asking which entrance we plan to use. I am not sure. Hogwart’s Express entrance sounds reasonable, but plan to be there at rope drop. Is this the correct entrance or will we need to go to the main entrance?

I assume you mean the location at US, right? When we went, we entered through the main entrance of US, and were one of the first in line. I don’t think going on the Hogwarts Express will save you any time getting there. If you are staying on site, you get in an hour early, so you can avoid the crowds that way, too.

The Hogwarts Express entrance is where the train drops you after you’ve used it to park hop. When you first enter the park in the morning, you always have to use the main entrance.

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Agree that you must use park entrance at RD. The reason why there is even an option is for when you plan 2 parks 1 day and need for the system to use the Hogwarts entry. While I have used the Hogwarts entrance at RD, it, it was because I was on the first train from the other park (when the other one was early entry). Even in that case, since they open USF early (before Hogwarts train can leave the other park), actually usually faster to be at the park entry.