Which Disney Stores will close?

I’ve seen the article repeated many times that says that Disney is closing about 60 Disney Stores around the country. But, I can’t find a list of stores. Does anyone know if they’ve released that info?

Think it is too early in the process:

Disney, which didn’t release a list of stores that will close, has about 300 locations worldwide. It had nearly 800 locations globally at its peak in 1999.

Yes, the CNN link says Disney have not yet released a list of stores to be closed. It’s 20%.of them in the US.

Disney were very quick to announce that many in the U.K. would not re-open after our first lock-down. No surprise, they had already closed some of the flagship stores and drastically cut down on stock lines over the decade before that.

Since they never offer Canadians free shipping, I hope they keep at least one of the nearest ones open.

Okay…to be honest, I’m surprised that so many stores are still open. I can hardly remember the last time I stepped foot into a Disney Store (outside of Disney property), let alone bought something from one.

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Same. It’s been years, maybe 10?

I’m the other end of the spectrum.

In the Before Time, I’d frequently swing through the one that’s a 10-minute walk from my office.
Just a quick detour during my lunch hour walk.

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In 2019, Disney and Target started partnering to put some “Disney Stores” inside some Target locations. I think they only plan on 25 locations, or at least that was what was announced at first. I wonder if they’d transition to more shared spaces with Target in more locations. I’d have to figure that it would be cheaper than owning its own space.

Same. It’s been a long time since ones I remember going to in Madison and Milwaukee areas closed. I’d have to go to Chicago or the Mall of America in MN to see one now, but honestly forgot they still existed at all.

Me too. I loved going in, (even worked at one for a spell) when my DS was younger, and as recently as a month or two before the national shutdown.

My DS12 had a great time looking at shirts and toys and I stay way too long in the coffee mug/kitchen/home section.

I grab a coffee and I can spend an hour in there. Usually walkout with a sizeable bag for their troubles too.

It’s my connection to the World when I can’t be IN the world.

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I bet the one near me closes if for no other reason than I think the mall it’s in is close to closing. Low hanging fruit for Disney if it is going to get closed anyway.

Until 2019 Austin had 2 Disney Stores. We’re down to one now, I really hope they don’t close ours. It’s how I get my Disney fix. :sob: