Which dessert party?

Looking at the 3 dessert party options and trying to decide. Which would you all do?

I personally think the seated party is worth the extra $. The view isn’t head on like in the garden, but I think it’s just a more enjoyable experience.


I agree with @LTinNC82 . The Seats and Treats is a stress free, fun experience from start to finish. When the garden is over sold, it is not fun for me.


My niece and I were looking at pictures from the garden viewing when it first opened. It was amazing what a great experience it is. She works the fireworks 5 nights a week and told me it’s not like that anymore - they are crammed in like sardines. I would always choose the seats now.


We did the Pre Party in Feb. it was so nice to arrive early and relax before heading to the hub grass. Once the FW start, everyone stands up anyway. You aren’t shoulder to shoulder. It also gave us time to ride more rides after the FW were over and the park thinned out.

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@Mrandmrsthomas0618, I think I posted on your chat thread that my sister (who is not always positive about things) loved the seats and treats and thought the trees did not impact the show at all.

This is a picture I took from my seat:

The advantage here is that Tinkerbell flies right over you.


Thanks for the info! Cool pic too. Whatever we decide to do, I am looking forward to the desserts. I have a major sweet tooth :slight_smile:


The desserts were very good!


how long does the post part last after the fireworks conclude?

I read that the view can be obstructed for tables that aren’t by the railing. We will have a party of 5 so will be more likely to end up under the awning. Any thoughts on that? My husband would like avoiding the crowd and my 6 year old might get excited about Tinkerbell. Not sure how well she’d be able to see in the garden anyway.

I heard the same thing but the one table near me that was away from the rail immediately asked for another table. There may have been one table with people not at the rail but they came over to the rail for the fireworks.

There was advice in another thread to line up at 7:15 for an 8pm start. That worked perfect. The line was long but a lot of people were in the wrong line (there was another private event in another area and some before party people in our line). We were able to get desserts right away.

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Thank you