Which days to visit each of 3 parks, recommendations please

Visiting WDW for 3 days in February 2021, AK, HS, & Epcot one day each, planning a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (preferably unless a better option), crowd levels around 5 (not a holiday week), staying off site, rope dropping every day, seeing all headliners, may exit parks around 6pm, 1 teen, 1 tween.

Looking for lowest crowds/shortest lines for best experience. Thank you in advance for sharing!

If I wanted to see all headliners I’d distill it down to which #1 rides in each park are the priority, then put the most wanted headliner last day so I’d have the best chance of getting that FP. To me that means it’s FOP vs MMRR vs whatever ride in Epcot has just opened, I’m unsure of its opening schedule (Ratatouille?).

That doesn’t matter if staying offsite, no?

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You could check actual crowd levels for the 3 parks on the equivalent week this year. But generally I would think in absence of more data:
Go to the park that had extra magic hours the prior day (using this years calendar recognizing it may change next year)
Assume the Thursday is probably busier overall than Tuesday or Wednesday

But our experience traveling on a non holiday week in late Jan was we didn’t really feel a difference between tues to Thursday as we were navigating these parks. Not really Monday either. Weekends felt busier but that’s about it. Don’t think it’s worth sweating a minor difference in crowd levels (predictions of which will change multiple times) vs just an order you’re most excited about. Only exception being that extra magic hours will make rope drop less effective so should avoid.


I don’t know; I’ve never stayed offsite.

FWIW, we were at WDW last week and just got home today. I know that is not February 2021, but … I “thought” it would be a relatively low crowd time considering it was the middle of February. Wrong. The parks were crowded on all the days we were there (T,W & Th). I was amazed at all the school age children there with their parents. Frankly I also got tired of people expecting me to get out of their way even when I was standing still. My wife says that she read online somewhere that the crowds this week were due to the long weekend coming up with Presidents Day holiday this coming Monday, February 17th. Me personally, I think Disney is doing such a good job incentivizing people (like us) to come to their parks these days that there are no “lowest crowds/shortest lines for best experience” anymore. That is a thing of the past.