Which days to go to what parks?

I am so confused. My family consisting of myself, my husband, 4 year old and 18 month old will be going to disney with 4 day park hoppers. The crowd calendar shows the parks will be less crowded on a Saturday than a Tuesday or Wednesday. Example: MK is a 7 on Tuesday/wednesday but a 5 on Saturday. The dates are August 18-22nd. We want to do 2 days at MK, 1 day at AK, 1/2 day at epcot, 1/2 day at HS. Can someone please give me your recommendations? We have 5 days and 4 days at the parks.

I think Saturday has lower numbers because it is August. As the month goes on the crowds decrease. The end of August is usually very light crowds. The 22nd would be the beginning of that period. Will you be at the parks at rope drop? A good plan, careful planning of FPs, and rope drop will work on any crowds.

Per the TP gurus, having a good Touring Plan is 5 times more important than choosing the “right” day based on Crowd Levels. Plan your days based on what suits you best, taking into account ADRs, EMH, and other considerations.

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Don’t forget to consider evening entertainment if that is important to you. For example, at certain times of the year, MSEP is only offered on certain nights. Sometimes we have to adjust our schedule accordingly and visit parks with a higher crowd level in order to see those events.

We usually go at this time… Yes the crowds are low but make sure to get there at rope drop! We have typical done mk that Friday with no problems… Most kids (at least here in fl) go back to school that Monday so crowds drop! Yes sat at mk is typically one of the busiest days but at this time it’s no too bad at all! Make sure you sink lots of water and eat lots o Miley bars… It’s usually hotter then the face of the sun in the afternoon :wink: maybe we will see you on the 22nd (my bday!!)

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