Which days of week best for each park, waterpark and legoland

Which days of the week do you recommend visiting MK, Epcot, AK, HS, Typhoon Lagoon and Legoland? I seem to find conflicting articles online. I think Epcot seems to be Wednesday or Monday. Magic Kingdom seems to be Tuesday.

We did AK on a Sunday in May, which worked out well. We did HS on a Saturday and a Wednesday, didn’t notice any difference in crowds between the 2 days. I think we did MK on M, F, 2nd Sunday. Sunday was probably more crowded in the afternoon.

EPCOT was on T, Th, 2nd M… EPCOT was where we felt the crowds the most.

I have never been to Legoland in FL, but in CA I will say the weekend was WAY busier than the weekdays due to locals - far bigger impact than any other theme park I’ve been to. I wonder if it’s the same in FL?

I agree with the above - weekends are always more crowded than weekdays and it does depend on the time of year you go too. We go to the water parks on Tuesday or Wednesday - never crowded!