Which day is best for Jedi Training?

I would like to enroll my two Padwans in Jedi Training during our HS visit. Aside from the training, we plan to do Toy Story Mania and a few character greetings, and then park hop. To best ensure they are “accepted”, I am trying to choose between arriving at RD for a morning EMH at Crowd Level 6 or at standard RD on a Crowd Level 2. Any thoughts?

Also, does anyone know the current procedure for signing up? I think it has changed several times. I’ve heard you go straight to registration after RD. I’ve heard they let Padwan Families in the gate prior to RD to register. And I’ve heard they have cast members outside the gates registering people. Perhaps any of these could be used on any given day? Or is there now a set procedure?


Decisions, decisions.
I always target am emh, so this is an easy choice for me. I also have scaredy cats in the fam, so, I’d head off to tot while the so signs the kids up for jedi during emh.

I’d also make sure that the afternoon would be a lazy one after waking up early for all of the fun.

We could also go into the, “why not both days?” convo…

Why not both days?! :Gasp: Hadn’t even thought of it! Oh…and now hoping my boys don’t either. Sadly, we only have 5 days in the park and this will be their first (and likely last) trip so we have much to fit in. Not a lot in HS to interest them, so can’t really spare RDs there. We plan to Park Hop back to HS on another evening to catch the nighttime shows. That said, if they love it, we have saved the last day for any repeats they want to experience.

Early EMH shouldn’t be a problem for us, as my boys’ natural clocks have them up before the rooster crows. However, the CL6 day is a Sunday and the CL2 day is a weekday during school (we are taking them out for this trip). Just thinking there may be fewer little ones also waiting to participate on the school day?

Since we are early risers, i always target am emh. You are paying for it, and many ppl try to get there but wind up late for many reasons. I’d do the emh, get done what you can before the crowds get heavier, then do the jedi training, and hop to somewhere else, even a pool break and some other park later in the day? Am emh + hoppers = go to am emh, in my book. The cl6 is because dis guests without hoppers that want to take advantage of emh will be stuck there along with the normal crowds. Since you have hoppers, you can rock the am emh, and then go to the better park when dhs is crowded.

Awesome advice! Thank you! I’m sold - and a bonus . . . I won’t have to worry about rearranging my ADRs. Those have been a pure nightmare for the week we will be there due to the combination of limited operating hours and Free DDP. I was lucky to get what I got.

On this note, what if we dont have early risers? Were planning our first early June trip (we usually go in the Fall) and I know I wont be able to get my whole group to HS before 11a. Will there even still be availability left for Jedi training? Help!

If you don’t have early risers then your chances are slimmer. Depending on the crowd for the day your are targeting, you may or may not have a shot. Generally, if you get there early, you should have no problems. It just depends on your priorities. Perhaps if one of the kids in the group wants to do it, and others do not, then someone can go sign up early with the one that wants to do it if that’s possible. We let the others sleep in while my son and I rocked the EMM at DHS - best decision ever. Worth every penny, and we’d do it again if they ever offered it.