Which day for which park?

Hi all,

We’re visiting WDW for the first time this April, we’re staying onsite, FPP window opens in a fortnight. A switch in EMH has scuppered my perfectly laid plans (!) and am now wondering which day to go to MK and which for DHS. The options are:

Tuesday 9th April:
MK - no EMH, we have ppo BOG at 8.10, hours 9-10. Tuesdays are normally EMM at MK but haven’t been announced yet for April. CL predicted at 6.
DHS - no EMH. 9-8.30. CL predicted at 5.

Friday 12th April:
MK - no EMH, we have ppo BOG at 8.05, hours 9-10. CL predicted at 7.
DHS - morning EMH, so hours for us 8-8.30. CL predicted at 8.

We will not be staying for evening shows for either day, I’d imagine the plan is to be there for rope drop and to keep going as long as tempers last! We are planning to return to the parks again the following week for evening shows and to revisit any favourite rides and mop up things we’ve missed.

If I thought the hours would remain as they are I would go for DHS on the Tuesday as I’ve heard EMH (as per the Friday) crowds really overwhelm the park and make it uncomfortably busy. However, we really want to do the TSL rides and Jedi training so maybe having the extra hour earlier would be useful?

I’m assuming it’s unlikely that MK will add EMH on the Friday but they might move general opening to 8am in which case our BOG reservation advantage will be lost. There’s also a possibility that EMM will be added to the Tuesday in MK but others have said that the crowds will be starting to move from Fantasyland to other parts of the parks and we should be in a good position to get in queues for either Peter Pan or 7 Dwarves…

Anyone have any insights about how the hours might change for those days or any other tips would be gratefully received.

Thanks for any help, Brizz

I’d take the EMH for the Studios, but still get there a bit early. That extra hour can make a difference for the TSL rides that you don’t have FP for.

For either MK day, you’re good with the ADRs. Should be able to get in around 7:45 before they officially open Main Street to everyone. Good chance for some quick pics and no crowd (go to the farthest photopass photographer right away, not the first one you see).

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Thanks for taking the time to respond - interesting what you say about the extra hour for TSL, that was the pull for it, hopefully as we’ll be 60 + 6 days we’ll get a FPP for SDD. Have you done TSL and the sign up for Jedi training?

I hadn’t thought about the photo ops but that’s a really good idea. I had thought if EMM was put on Tuesday that we would probably be ok crowd wise, but had assumed if MK opened at 8 to everyone on either the Tuesday or Friday we’d cancel it. Do you think we could sneak in a quick ride on 7DMT or PP before going to BOG? Will queues build up so much during breakfast that it’s not really worth it?

We have not done Jedi training, so not sure how that figures in to rope dropping TSL.

If they add EMH to 8am, you could probably get in one ride before your breakfast. I’d still plan on being towards the front of the pack though.