Which Counter Service restaurants are typically open during MNSSHP?

I can’t find information on what CS restaurants are open typically, only that most are closed.

Anyone have any experience during the Halloween parties? I’m anticipating being on the free dining plan at the time.

Check out last year’s party map - it lists all the restaurants that are open

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Me, I’m looking forward to gorging myself on candy and pumpkin waffles instead of dinner.

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Our first party we got some caseys on the way in then just snack around and ate candy which has been the best plan! I know CH closes super early (5?) and we get kicked out of PH around when the party started last year to make room for the candy line. I would say eat before the party starts because once it does you are running around like crazy… (At least we do!!!)

Thank you! After looking at the selection, I think I will go with @rachaelmac22 's idea, and eat at Casey’s Corner (love me some hot dogs). I just cannot imagine eating all that candy and pumpkin treats all night without ralphing. I need some protein. And going from 4pm to midnight with no real food sounds like a setup for being sick.

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Just watch because it does get very very crowded in party nights… We get in at 4, grab some corn dog nuggets and find a spot to people watch for a little!!! Have a great time!!! We love love love mnsshp!!!