Which Christmas Party?

My family of 5 is visiting WDW from Dec. 19-26. I decided today that we should attend MVMCP!

Which party should we attend?

  • December 21
  • December 22
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21st for maybe slightly lower crowds since Friday will bring locals? (Although aren’t there a finite number of tix?)

But more importantly in case something goes wrong to make 21st a no-go (like weather) and then you could beg to be let into 22nd.

I would be curious what your plans are otherwise for both days as well as the evenings prior and mornings after.


We have 6 day PH tickets with 7 days there. We were originally going to have our last day, the 26th, be a park free day. If we purchase the party tickets, we would move the park day to the 26th.

If the above happens, we would have a resort day on the party day. If we go the 21, we would revisit MK during the morning/ afternoon to take advantage of the lower crowd level and then hop before the partgoers come.

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I am confused by this. If you turn the party day into a resort day, how would you go to MK during the morning? Aren’t you swapping that park ticket to the 26th? Maybe I am misunderstanding.

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I thought she meant the next morning (which is also a party day, offering low crowds before a hop)

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Ah. That would make sense. Thanks.

In that case, it is all the more reason to pick the 21st.

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Yes that’s what I meant!

I booked tickets for the 21st! I figured this may be our only Christmas trip and definitely so as a family of 5!

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