Which car seat? Mifold or bumblebum?

Ok after the horrific uber car seat I have decided to buy a travel booster for our upcoming disney trip so we can uber between the parks and hotel as needed. So anyone out there that has either the mifold or bumblebum? Any thoughts?

How old are the kids? We have mifolds that are our usual boosters…

She is 4.5 and about 2 lbs below the minimum but it has to be safer then putting her on these shuttle buses

We have a BubbleBum that is a few years old. It does get small and is very lightweight but is kind of bulky. I would not want to carry it around the park all day. It would easily fit in a locker or a stroller basket though. It does make an awesome travel seat and we actually used ours as an everyday booster for awhile since we needed one without arms for a tight 3 carseat/boosters across situation. Very easy to install and use.

I have no experience with the other booster.

My 4.5 year old uses a mifold. They are a little awkward…you have to adjust the shoulder strap and she has to manage to keep it behind her. It is not too heavy and folds up to about the size of a box of tissues, although about half the thickness. It is not bulky but is probably heavier than the other…I’d bet it weighs a pound. We are content with ours, for what they are.

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I have two bubble bums. We have used them on a couple of trips for our twins. The boys like them and they have an easy time using them on short drives. We took it to California and our car was black. I think one of the bubble bums valves melted. It kept losing air and we had to go get another one. The target we stopped at didn’t have a bubble bum but did have the mifold. I loved the idea because it was so much more compact. But my kid hated it. He said it was uncomfortable. And the seat is pretty hard so I could see how that would be. We ended up putting the deflated bubble bum on top of the mifold to give him more cushion. I contacted bubble bum to try to get a replacement but then forgot to send them my receipt so I just bought another one for our trip to WDW in a few weeks. I think they would have replaced it but I just forgot.

Our twins are almost 7 (required to sit on a booster in NC but not in FL). I have rented a stroller for the week - not sure if we’ll use it every time but worth it for us to have just in case. I was planning on storing the bubble bums in the stroller if we used it or in a locker if we didn’t. They are pretty bulky to carry around all day. I’m a little nervous about forgetting them if I put them in a locker.

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We like the Bubblebum. It got good reviews on csftl.org

We have one of these https://ridesafertravelvest.com for my 3yo who is too small for Bubblebum.

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We always use a small stroller for her and I think it should fit. Sounds like bumblebum is the way to go