Which BOG ADR do I keep?

My sis and I are trying the BOG dinner for the first time (it’s a bucket list thing). We have one solid day reserved on our trip for MK (first day). Thanks to the wonders of TP reservation finder, I was able to snag two different times for dinner, but need to pick which one to keep now.

The park closes at 9 pm (for now) that day, and we have ADRs for both 4:45 pm and 7:15 pm. Trying to think in terms of wait times and crowd levels, as well as how long it will take us to get through dinner. We want to maximize our park time outside of dinner. I’m thinking that the early reservation will allow us some time afterwards for some slower wait times, but we aren’t sure we can eat that early especially since we have so many foods to check off the list during the day. We might be too full to eat a 3 course meal at 4:45 pm. We would rather go with the later reservation, but I am unsure if we will have any time after for more rides. Will it take us too long to get through dinner? Will the park be closed by the time we finish? Does anyone have thoughts? Please help!!!

It took us a solid 90 mins to do the old dinner, so no appetisers, but we did wait 10 mins to see Beast.

I agree that it took 90 minutes the old way they did dinner. I’ve heard 2 hours for some people for the current way it is served. Could you maybe hold off some of your snacks for later in the evening?

Will you want to watch HEA? What time is it scheduled? I think the earlier time allows you to eat without any time concerns.

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Our interest is purely ride driven. We are indifferent to anything beyond that. Sounds like from some of the time estimates for dinner, we won’t get any time after the 7:15 reservation. We may just need to keep the earlier one and watch what we eat before that.

I enjoyed my meal last month. It is not an ADR I need every trip but I enjoyed it.