Which ADRs will be hard to get?

These are the ADRs I want for my trip. Which do I need to go for first? Is BOG dinner still the hardest?

Also, I’m not sure about the 180 +10 rule. Is it arrival day and the 10 days after that or just the first 10 days?

Fri 5th - arrival day
Sat 6th - Dinner at Biergarten.
Sun 7th - Dinner at 1900PF
Mon 8th- Dinner at H&V (F! package).
Thurs 11th - Pre RD CP breakfast, Dinner at BOG.
Fri 12th - dinner at Raglan Rd.
Sun 14th - Brunch at Tusker House, dinner at Boma.
Mon 15th - B&C for a Kitchen Sink at some point (early lunch?) Dinner at Yachtsman.
Tues 16th - Lunch at LTT
Weds 17th - Late dinner at Paradiso 37.
Thurs 18th - dinner at Sci Fi.
Fri 19th - no plans. ME pickup 4.45pm approx.

I possibly want to slot BOG lunch in somewhere but not sure where.

Thanks in advance!

I think the pre-RD Crystal Palace will be most difficult, followed by BOG dinner. The rest should be fine, unless you have very specific ideas for ADR times. Good luck!


One trick is to open up a browser window for each ADR you want to make and set up the searches. That way as soon as the ADR window opens up you can kick off the searches all at once.

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I agree that pre RD CP and the BOG, followed by Sci-Fi and B&C if you are a large party. (Don’t hear much about Sci-Fi being hard, but I couldn’t get an ADR for lunch on a specific day after trying for 90 days, B&C have very few booths that will seat more than 4)

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I agree with @SallyEppcot. Also, The F! Packages can be tough to pick up, but H&V is the least popular of the three restaurants.

SciFi fills up quickly which always shocked me but after eating there earlier this month, I get it. It’s very peaceful there, surprisingly. Everybody facing forward and the adults can get a beer. Nice break LOL


Yes, on B&C! It’s tiny and so very limited ADR’s.

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There are only 3 of us so hopefully it won’t be too hard.

If you call rather than making the ADRs online, and do so 180 days prior to your arrival day, I think you will get everything you want. I think you will have to call again 2 days later for the last 2 days of your trip, though. When I called at 180 days out, I had no trouble getting ADRs for CRT, BOG, B&C, Sci-Fi, and Tappen Edo. The wonderful CM on the reservation line got me everything I wanted at the time I wanted during a 15 minute phone call! I think I made the phone call at around 8 AM EST, too, so not terribly early. Good luck!

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I’m in the UK so I can do them online at 11am, I can still have a lie in. FPP are at 5am though :scream:

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Can anyone weigh in on this?

As far as I know you can make 10 days of reservations, starting with your arrival day, if you are staying on-site. you then need to wait 1 day to make day 11, and then another day to make day 12, etc.

Thank you, my harder to get ones are mainly in the first 10 days so hopefully it will work out.