Which ADRs to reserve first?

My 180 is this coming Friday. I need to know which are the ones I should seek first when I jump online to book. These are what I have that need ADR and we have not eaten at any of them:

Kona Cafe
Tusker ROL Package (Prob won’t be available until 80-90 days out)

Beaches & Cream

California Grill
50’s Prime Time
Liberty Tree
Tuttio Italia

If I’m not able to get them all, I’ll set up the ressie finder but I’d like to have most done if I can.

I would say California Grill and Beaches and Cream would be the two I would schedule first. Then maybe 50s, but Inthink you would have at least a month before that would be hard to book?


I’d say Cali Grill and Beaches and Cream first.

B & C is so small that to get the time you want you should do it asap.

Not sure about the rest.

Take what you can, then see if anything nearer to your ideal time opens up. But you can always get a snack to stave off hunger pangs and arrange fps around ADRs if necessary.


50s prime time would be the one that I would try and book first, The RoL does only book 80-90 days, but as long as you do that within a few days you probably won’t have a problem with it once it opens.
Nothing else you have is anything I have ever heard as being a hard to get reservation & Feb is not peak season, but I typically book everything in-park or Character meals. I have never not gotten all my reservations when I booked right at 180 days (going this coming Aug)

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My dates are actually Jan 3-10 (Marathon weekend) CL 8-10 for beginning of trip. This past year, the crowd seemed to die down after marathon was over.

Our first days will not be full days in parks, and we only have 2 full park days so I can’t really book ADR then make my park decisions based on that. (I know some people work it that way but not possible on this trip).

If I don’t get everything at once, it’s no biggie but when res finder goes off in the middle of the night, I’ll never know until morning when it’s too late.

I agree with @PrincipalTinker and @Nickysyme. California Grill and Beaches and Cream immediately jumped out at me as the toughest ones to book.


I got a beaches and Cream at 180 for the middle of my trip. I am doing an early dinner.

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If you want a peak dinner time at Cali Grill, you should really book that one first, After that I’d suggest Beaches & Cream & 50’s Prime Time, all the others should be easy to lock up.


What is considered peak time?

I think that would be around 4-6 for people with children and for me (no children), personally, I consider 6-8pm as peak time…so that’s why I ask. I know which hours the ride lines get a little shorter for meal times but not sure if that applies to Ca Grill.

I think I will try to book that one first regardless because it is one of the important ones for me.

I would say peak time for California Grill is based on the Fireworks. I would say 90 minutes before the fireworks, but any time before would work.

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Tinker is on the money, I consider Cali grill the busiest 60-90 minutes before the fireworks because everyone wants to see them from up there, I sure did when we were there for our honeymoon. However if you are going to eat dinner anytime from 5-8pm I’d say book Cali first, if you were looking for dinner ear like 4:30 it’s probably okay to wait to book it same thing if your looking at a late meal after fireworks, those are usually the ones people end up with the longer they wait.

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