Which 2 weeks would be best?

I have been studying the crowd calendars but am having the hardest time buckling down two consecutive weeks for 2018 - looking for anything mid-October through mid-December. We used to do Thanksgiving and the week after and deal with the crowds the first week, but since then we’ve had two small kids and want to avoid the crowds as best we can.

Right now, I was thinking last Wednesday of October through the Wednesday before Jersey week - or first two weeks in December.

We COULD do January but I’m worried about the cooler temps knowing the 4 & 1 year olds will want to be swimming.

What would you guys suggest if it were you?

I love the Christmas decorations and special events/entertainment, so the Dec weeks would be an easy choice for me. FWIW, the weather in Dec and Jan is pretty much the same - and just as unpredictable. In either month you could have temps in the 80s or in the 50s - sometimes in the same week…

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Good point!
I was thinking or maybe catching the tail end of F&W, a MNSSHP and maybe the first MVMCP at the end of October and early November, if possible. If not for those dates, we’d be looking at any of the three weeks after Thanksgiving.