Which 2 days to visit Jan 4-8

We’re planning to be in the parks 2 consecutive days during this timeframe, and crowd calendars vary widely in their predictions. Does anyone have experience the first week of January? I don’t want to do Friday-Saturday (the best per touring plans calendar) and have it be extra busy when we could do Wednesday-Thursday, but I don’t want to do Wednesday-Thursday if it’s going t be super packed. If it’s just a small difference no big deal, of course!

We are going to be there at the same time. We were there during the first week after new year’s last year and it was nice. I think that the predictions might be okay for those days. I would always pick weekdays over the weekends.

Everywhere I look says Saturday will probably best for DCA, I’m just worried Friday might be crazy for DL. We could possibly do Sunday and let the kids miss one more day of school if it would be significantly better. I think it may come down to that or Wednesday DL-Thursday DCA…

When I’m planning a DLR visit there are two primary factors I take into account.

(1) I will always try to choose a weekday over a weekend, preferably when local schools are in session. That being said, some of the lowest crowds I’ve ever seen were at a 7:00 EE on a Sunday AM.

(2) The EE schedule. If you are staying on site USE the EE; it’s a great option and you can get a lot done in the first hour. If you cannot use the EE, go to the other park for RD (and consider hopping back and forth as the day progresses)