Where's Hoop De Doo Review?

I want it back! Most fun we have had in ages and the food was Down Home good.


Good question. Didn’t they say months ago that the performers had been called back in?

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I heard that the cast were recalled, most returned, some newly hired.

But they’re currently working elsewhere, issues not show related. My guess is maybe not enough staff to serve tables yet.

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I thought so but since then I haven’t heard a thing. Not bookable yet for Oct. 5th to the 19th.

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I’m guessing it’ll be minimum of $120 pp, and that will be for the seats on the 2nd floor.
The meal will probably be:
Chicken nuggets
Pulled Pork
Baked Beans
1 Bud Light or Gallo wine per person
Each guest will also be handed* a strawberry cupcake or Hostess Twinkie for dessert as they leave Pioneer Hall to remember their rootin’ tootin’, side splittin’ time!

Plastic fork and napkin can be purchased once seated!


Now pay us money.


Instead of live actors, there will just be a screen replaying a video* of the show as it appeared on that date in 2019.

*hastily compiled PowerPoint

…And I will willingly part with my money and suspend disbelief just to be there again :tired_face:


You two are making me joke on my breakfast! . :wink:

Don’t worry people. The casting is complete, and they’re all already back working. Just not at Pioneer Hall yet.

My guess is they’re waiting until:
a) the new intake of CPs start so they can bring back sufficient servers, greeters etc
b) they feel they can cram people in again as they could before (that one might already be ticked)
c) they get their fingers out of their ***** and bring back enough entertainment CMs to release the HDDR cast.

They really wouldn’t have had auditions if they didn’t intend to bring it back. There must be an unexpected delay, possibly still the recruitment of food & beverage staff elsewhere.


I believe Disney is having trouble hiring housekeeping ppl. They are offering $1000 sign on bonuses, but ppl can get better pay at other resorts/hotels in the area.


You forgot d, e:

d) Figuring out how to combine the fried chicken, bbq ribs, and cornbread into a “casserole” to eliminate the need for 4 cm’s to be employed to carry the separate foods to the tables during the show.

This combined with raising ticket prices will afford 2 Directors’ nephews’ kids to get new yachts for their 18th birthdays. The kids were complaining about having to get “hand me down” yachts recently.

e) Eliminating the boats to the Fort from MK, and instituting inflatable raft rentals:

Guests will have the opportunity to paddle their group to the Fort, just like paddlin down the river in the old west! Your appetites will surely get a boost and you’ll be ready to dine in style at the Fort, after making your way in your own raft! *Paddles available for extra charge, if desired. *Lifejackets mandatory for each raft passenger, and are available for purchase at the Magic Kingdom boat launches.


This may be relevant regarding the delay.



This confuses me. Were the actors not included in the mandate already? Are they pushing back on the mandate? Or is this an older tweet?

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The story itself is from 8/24, I think. The union agreements just happened the other day. Disney mandated vaccines for all their employees but they had to negotiate regarding the union employees, including Equity performers. From the other union (Unite Here?) it sounds like the main sticking point was Disney refusing to pay for Covid testing for those exempted from the mandate. Now they have agreements with the unions (and still aren’t paying for Covid testing).


Thank you!