Where would you stop on a drive south from Orlando?

I’m sure this has been discussed before but right now I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for.

After our trip to WDW (less than 4 weeks!!), we are going to visit some family near Deerfield Beach and ultimately flying back home from Miami. Usually, we’ve left the Orlando area in the evening and taken the fastest route but this time, we are likely leaving early in the day and could make a stop or two along the way. Some recommendations I’ve seen: 1. beaches, but we will have plenty of time for that later at our destination, 2. places with restaurants, museums and more adult oriented things, 3. Cape Canaveral / Space center, but I feel like that is too much of a stretch, 4. driving around the west coast - too far…

I guess I’m wondering if there is something unique, interesting or peculiar along the way that would be worth seeing? Maybe an interesting small town? Unique nature? Kissimee Prairie - what is it? Everglades is a bit far… Is there anything around Okechobee?

I don’t want to lengthen the drive too much, but we’d have several hours to spare. We’ve basically just seen Orlando and then the east coast between WPB and Miami, thats it.

Years ago, on our first trip to Florida, we stopped at Fort Lauderdale overnight rather than Miami (we were driving to the Keys).

We took a boat trip and saw some of the millionaires’ properties on the river (creek?) which was quite fun. :grin:

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Manatee Lagoon! just a tad north of West Palm Beach. When temperatures start dropping, the manatees like to swim close to the warm waters of the electric plant and you see so many of them!

You can then continue your drive to West Palm Beach, make a quick stop to walk the South Cove Boardwalk for some great city line views. Then visit the president at Mar-a-Lago (you can’t get in but it’s nice to say “oh yeah, I’ve been there”).


This looks interesting, didn’t know about it!

Lion Country Safari Park is just outside west Pam in Loxahatchee…

I really do love the drive through safari