Where would I look on touringplans.com for info about SDFP availability

historically or seasonally?
Is that data on the site anywhere?

I’m wondering if there is much said about likelihood of picking up SDFP.

I think the only place you would find that is the pinned post here or questions on chat.

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Thank you @p

I was hoping for statistics to back up my hope to find things like Dumbo and Tea Cups and Speedway available early after noon. :blush:

If you watch in the lines app it keeps up with the current day availability as the day goes. It checks sometimes and shows what is still available today in each park.

It does not refresh future days, only the current one, but it can give you an idea about what might happen. If your day is busier they will go faster, but it is something to get some idea about what will be available the longest.