Where to watch Marching Band in Festival of Fantasy Parade

My son’s marching band will be in the Festival of Fantasy parade the day before Thanksgiving. I’d considered a FP for the viewing area or the train station at the entrance to get the best view and for pictures. The people I’m going with have never seen the parade so we need good viewing for more than just the band. The travel agent doesn’t seem to recommend the FP area but they don’t tell you where they do recommend. Any recommendations?

I love Frontierland for the shade- the storefront side is better for pictures (I think) than the waterfront side. If it’s cloudy, my favorite viewing spot is right next to the Fire Station/parade route exit. You get a great view of the parade as it swoops around the end of Main Street and right in front of you for the finale. It takes a loooong time for the parade to actually get there, though. If the parade starts at 3, you won’t see the front til around 3:20.