Where to watch fireworks in MK on July 4? Should I ignore my TP?

My optimized touring plan says arrive at 9:01 and my thought was to arrive closer to 8 pm and grab a seat in the hub and play some cards?

If I were to arrive at 9:01, where would there be anything available at that time for 4 ppl (two small children of 9 years old)

What time is the fireworks that night ?

I would say, although it is stating the obvious, the earlier you get there, the better are your chances !!!

If you arrive before the CMs set up the area, make sure you are not somewhere they will put ropes or keep open as a walkway. Ask a CM if you’re not certain.

The fireworks are scheduled to start at 9:15pm. They’ll start soon after that, but not right at 9:15pm. It’s going to be busy in the park, but I think you could find a spot after 8:30pm - 8:45pm.

TP says to arrive at 9 for 9:15 FW ???

Well I’d love to hear from others but in my experience (all of 4 times watching the MK FW) that is an absolute no-no…We never arrived less than an hour prior (except for when we got the dessert party last time…which we will always do in the future…)

I guess it’s personal preference. I don’t “post up” and wait for any of the fireworks or parades. I just walk up to the hub and parade routes and find any convenient spot. I’m 5’ 2" and it’s still not hard to see. I do understand some people really want that “perfect” spot.


Yeah the hunt for that perfect spot is no fun. But I find it’s how crowded it gets that is really hard to handle for the kids. Plus having to actually hold said kids in your arms so they can see something, after a long park day, is not easy on the back LOL. That’s why the dessert party and it’s beautiful fake grass sitting became my best friend… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah… having to corral kids is why I don’t recommend “posting up”. I’d rather just keep them entertained with a ride / show / treat - then meander out close to start time. IMHO you can see the show & fireworks fine off to the side near Crystal Palace or Plaza Ice Cream Shop or back by Starbucks / bakery.


We usually don’t post up either, but this is July 4 and I’ll have two 9 year olds. Nabbing a last minute spot for four people doesnt sound ideal for this night.

Yes…it says a 9:01 arrival for a 9:15 show on July 4. Doesn’t make too much sense to me.

It all up to you of course. :grinning: If you feel you want to wait 80 minutes to get a closer spot, I respect that . It’s definitely going to help get the area you want.

Your OP asked if there would be “anything” available at 9:01pm. That’s the question I was answering. :grinning:

I’ve been to MK on CL 10 days with kids and because I’m not particular about having a special view I can find a spot to see the show just fine.

The TP never allows for holding a space for an hour. The fireworks start at 9.15 - if the plan gets you to the hub at 9.14 then you’ll see them.

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Thanks…thats what I needed to know. I’ll ignore the TP for the evening then.

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You could try putting a break in immediately before, or a meal at Casey’s. That might help so you can still optimise.

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I have not been on the 4th but I have on the 3rd (which is the same show). I don’t think it was as crowded as the 4th but it was still packed for the fireworks. We easily found good viewing spots down Main St more towards the entrance than the castle (party of 5 including 2 kids). I think it was likely only about 20 mins before the show when we got there. That spot provided a much easier exit after the show as well. We see no reason to wait staking out a hub spot for an extended period of time. If you really want the hub though then I assume you have to stake out a spot and spend a good chunk of your evening holding it and then will be in the most packed part of the crowd. If it is important to you, do it :slight_smile: Just wanted to share that we didn’t and ended up with great viewing and easy fast exit.

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Yes, we do want something closer to the Hub. MK closes at 1am and we arent arriving to the park until about 2:30pm so the plan is based around a later arrival, fireworks being top priority and staying well after the fireworks end. Thanks.

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Great idea…thanks

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Sounds fun. Hope you find just the right spot and have a magical evening! That fireworks show was hands down the best we have ever seen. Enjoy!