Where To Visit ON Labor Day?

Hi All,
I am hoping you guys can help me. I have been doing some research about Disney World on actual Labor Day and I keep finding generalizations about how the crowds are really not bad at all; especially compared to other holidays. That being said, my son and are are doing a duo trip to Disney. We fly in on Labor Day and will arrive in Orlando at 9:41 am; leaving plenty of time for some park fun. We have the park hopper plus option as my son has never been to one of the water parks and I know it will be plenty hot there. We are not leaving until the following Sunday so we will still get 5 full days after our arrival day to bounce around and such.
My question is, which parks should I consider visiting on Labor Day for about a half day? I am guessing the water parks should wait until another day as locals will likely be there. Do you guys think some parks may be more crowded than others? Obviously as the events come up closer to Labor Day that will help me figure out what park to aim for (what with extra magic hours and such) but I am a planner and would love to hear if anyone has experienced crowds on Labor Day at any parks so I have an idea of what to expect. I would love to hear suggestions! Thanks everyone for all your help! :slight_smile:

I can’t speak specifically to Labor Day, but since you have hoppers and several of the parks have the tiered FP systems, even if crowd levels are high, it might be worth popping into one just to use your FP allotment for the day.

MK was a CL 10 on our arrival day, 1/5. We popped in just to use our 3 afternoon FP and left. We weren’t really impacted by CL since that was our only objective. (It was the last day Splash Mt was open for the season so that made our park decision for us.)

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! That sounds like a good plan…3 FP and go! I would have gone to say bon voyage to “Splash Mountain” as well!

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Labor Day 2019 was also a party day at MK so it closed at 600pm. Not sure if that’s a normal trend each year.

Ahhh good to know! I was wondering about that, as it would make sense for Disney to do SOME kind of party or after hours event, etc on Labor Day! Thanks for helping me keep that thought in mind!

We arrived on Sunday so we had a full Labor Day. MK was less crowded due to the party. We hopped to Epcot in the evening. Lots of people for Food and Wine but the ride waits were low. Usually AK has morning EMH on Mondays so that wouldn’t benefit you. Depending on the time you can start your park fun, MK may be worth it since the party crowds don’t start arriving until 4. You could hop someplace else afterwards if a few hours in MK doesn’t quench the arrival day thirst.

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Oh thanks for the feedback! Epcot crowd levels are always interesting to me because there are not as many rides compared to other parks and I know it will still be early enough for Food and Wine festival to where crowds will be more on that side of the park.