Where to use up credits?

We extended our trip and are spending one day at The Poly. We’re eating 1:00 brunch at Chef Mickey. If we have any leftover QS meals or snack credits where should we spend them that night? My family is not really thrilled with the Poly menu’s. I don’t think we’ll be going back to MK that night, so somewhere on the monorail?


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The Contempo cafe has some decent options.

They usually have some very nice cup cakes too, although my favourite I have found so far were from WL - unfortunately from Roaring Forks which is currently closed.

If it’s ice cream weather, the best snack option I found was the Haagen Dasz ice cream tubs. Look in the Contemporary shop freezer section, get some spoons and enjoy!


Did you see the menu at the Oasis Bar and Grill? It is at the Oasis pool and it is only available to Poly guests.

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We used ours up at Cookes of Dublin the night before we left and took it home with us for snacks on the way home. Delicious!

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