Where to use FastPass

We are visiting for the first time in February 2017. The kids are 3,4 and 7. For which attractions should we use FastPass (I already have Fastpasses, but are not sure if I should change some)

7 Dwarfs Train
Ench. tales with Belle (got Fast pass)
Ariel´s grotto
Big thunder mtn (got Fast pass)
Buzz Lightyear (got Fast pass)
Astro Orbiter

Under the sea (got Fast pass)
Space Mountain (Fast pass for some of the adults)
It´s a small world
Magic carpets (got Fast pass)
Pirates of the caribbean (boys got Fast pass)
Meet Tinker bell (girls got Fast pass)

We have a few other attractions as well, but won´t consider using Fast pass on them. Thankful for any suggestions:-)

I would get fastpass for 7DMT. Maybe switch Aladdin’s carpets?

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Thank you!!

I love Under the Sea and usually ride it multiple times during my trip but I do not think you need a fast pass. I actually will go to Under the Sea or PhilharMagic when the lines at other attractions are long.

Under the Sea and Enchanted Tales probably don’t need FPPs; don’t really know about Carpets. 7DMT definitely does. I don’t know if you’re planning on Splash Mountain, but I highly recommend FPPs for that.