Where to stay?

First time at DL in June 2016. Where is the best place to stay?

Depends a lot on your budget. We stayed at the Park Vue Inn which is very close to the parks and has a great view of the fireworks. It’s essentially a motel with pretty basic amenities, but the room had recently been redone. It had a queen bed and bunk beds, which was awesome for us as our kids don’t do well sharing a bed. I thought the price was very reasonable at under $200 a night during April vacation week, so presumably one of the busiest times. If we had more money to spend, i probably would have done one of the Disney hotels, like Grand Californian which has its own entrance into DCA and has an upscale feel to the lobby (we walked through). Disneyland Hotel seems nice, but pretty sterile. Pool looks very cool, though.

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Thanks. Looks like DH is what people are recommending. DG sounds great but too pricey for a place to sleep :blush: Tks again