Where to stay for our second trip?

Hello! We are staying at AKL in a Value Studio Villa in September… I’m thinking about booking another WDW trip for the same time the following year.
My question is this- which deluxe resort would you recommend for the same room category? It’s only the 3 of us, so the smallest and least expensive room is just fine. We have a toddler who will be 4 at the time of the trip. Thinking of WL, Poly, or other recommendations? The dvc kitchenette is pretty key.
Thanks in advance for thoughts and advice!

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You cannot go wrong at WL or Poly but I would also consider Beach Club or Boardwalk for easy access to Food and Wine.

I haven’t stayed at WL or Poly, but my suggestion would be Boardwalk or Beach since we’ve stayed there multiple times. Excellent location.

IMHO, once you’ve stayed at AKL you won’t want to stay anywhere else - but I’m an ardent animal lover. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the MK, any one of the mono resorts, or WL, would be your best choice. If you plan on spending more time in EP and/or DHS, then the BC would be your better choice. If you loved the “feel” of AKL - and especially the grand lobby - then you might really like WL; it was designed by the same architect and the grounds are quite beautiful. It also has easy boat access to the MK. Although I haven’t been, Whispering Canyon gets almost unanimously good reviews, and if you are looking for an upscale dining option, Artists Point is excellent.

Poly is great. Monorail is big selling point.

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I would recommend WL. With little ones, if you are going to MK a lot, then the boats are great transportation options. You can also easily get to the HDR and Ft.Wilderness. The resort is gorgeous and easy to walk with kids. Pool is also nice for the little ones.

That’s what I’m afraid of- DH LOVES animals!

Does that clown pool at Boardwalk I think it is- freak anyone else out?
I am worried that anything after AKL, esp for the price, will be a let down BUT I’d love to try to be closer to MK so we can see some fireworks… food options at Poly vs WL?

There are great food options at WL and Poly. Poly has Captain Cook’s and it is open 24 hours. It has Tonga Toast for breakfast and pork nachos! There is also a QS at the Oasis Pool that you can only access if you are staying there.

WL has a QS that is currently being renovated and the Geyser Point Bar and Grill (bar and QS). Both are great choices!

We’ve rented points at BLT twice - to say we loved it there was an understatement! Being able to walk to MK is priceless. We also liked the fact that BLT is connected to Contemporary BUT it isn’t a pass-through resort so it was a nice, quiet reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the “world”.
We are renting points again for a trip this coming November and will be staying at Boardwalk for the first time - hoping we won’t regret our decision to switch it up and miss BLT too much!