Where to stay for large family

2 adults, 2 teens, and 2 kids–what is the best deal? Last 3-4 trips, we’ve stayed at moderates and gotten two connecting rooms. This works ok and I like the two bathrooms but I was wondering if anyone had any tips/ideas for other options that with discounts may come out similar in cost. We usually stay 7-8 nights. Are there Disney Springs hotels with suites for 6? MVT discounts on suites somewhere for 6? Offsite is an option but I prefer the bubble if I can find reasonable price. And we don’t fit comfortably in the value resort suites–stayed in one when we only had 3 kids years ago. Thanks!

We stayed in a two bedroom at SSR this fall. There were 7 of us and we fit comfortably. We had 2 QB in one room, King size in one room, double pull out couch in living area with full kitchen. If you check with DVC early and are a little flexible with dates you may find a good deal. Good luck!

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Since you’ve stayed at a moderate before, have you considered using one of the brokers to rent points to stay in a 2 bed DVC villa? Might be worth just checking out what it would cost, versus 2 rooms.

We are a family of 7, and have typically stayed at condos or a rented home. Two years ago, we stayed at a home in Haynes City. A little bit of a drive each day (about 30 minutes), but the home was wonderful. We had four bedrooms, three baths, private pool, full kitchen, and a game room. Stayed a week, under $800. It allowed us to save and splurge on other things during our trip since we also saved on meals (eating breakfast and dinner in the house). We booked through Homeaway/VRBO, which I highly recommend.

Previously we stayed at Floridays Resort. Three bedroom condo with two bath, kitchen, etc. It it closer and quite nice, although we didn’t have a private pool, etc. Price was similar to the house at the time. Under $1000 for about 5 nights I believe it was.

Obviously, there is nothing like staying on property…but for our family size and budget, we just rather spend that money in other ways than simply the convenience. If you are going during busier times of year, however, then the other benefits of staying on property may start to play a role. It was never an issue for us, however, since we go during slow periods.

We’re about to do the same in two weeks, and I’m likely to be the one on the pull out couch. How was it for sleeping?

When we take our whole family (8) we get 2 connecting rooms. The boys and girls can have some privacy and the 2 bathrooms is a must. If I were not trying to keep the prices down I would get a larger villa.

You just need to bear in mind that connecting rooms are not guaranteed.

But yes, I imagine this is the cheapest way to do it, if you’re OK with separating the family as necessary.

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It was comfortable. My 12 year old slept on it with no problems. I checked it out and it felt well padded. We also really enjoyed the resort itself. Hope you have a great trip!

I’m an offsite person. This June I have a 3 bed, 2 bath condo rented at Windsor Hills for $800. Sleeps 8 (including fold out couch in living room). Full kitchen is a major selling point here as we don’t have to eat out every meal.

We just stayed at Windsor Hills at in February. The particular unit we rented wasn’t as nice as I had hoped, but it seems to otherwise be a great property. We did find, however, that despite the closeness to the parks in terms of distance, it still took us a minimum of about 20 minutes to get to Disney Springs, and morel like 30 minutes to Universal. This is because of the route and the timing of the lights. I had hoped it would be faster. Two years ago we stayed in Haines City, FL in a rented house for about the same price. It was a 30 minute drive. In hindsight, I think I would have preferred staying there again over Windsor Hills just because Windsor Hills, in practice didn’t end up being as close (time-wise) as I had hoped.

Hopefully the unit you rented from Windsor Hills is nicer than ours. The one we ended up with wasn’t the one we originally planned to stay in. But the one we were going to stay in was sold by the owners and the new owners no longer wanted to rent it out, so we were forced to pick a different one when fewer options had become available.

Yes, looking at google maps I believe you are correct and I’m prepared for those drive times. HS and Blizzard Beach are really close…only 10-15 minutes away, but Disney Springs and the TTC wil be closer to 20.
We actually are switching to The Fountains during the week we are going to Universal (was gifted a free week there by an aunt with a timeshare that she never uses). It will cut the drive time to Universal by about 10 minutes.
The unit I found is highly rated (4.9/5 stars with 74 ratings). Pics look really good, people rave about it in reviews. It is a ground level unit so I’m a little worried about noise, but still very happy to have found such a large unit (a second family may travel with us) for a price that is about 2/3 the price of a standard room at the All-Star Resort. And, like Ibsaid before, the savings on food when you are outside the Disney Bubble are huge.

We have children with disabilities and they were able to guarantee us connecting rooms for this reason. I forgot that they are not generally guaranteed.

We didn’t notice any noise issues at Windsor Hills. The way the hallways are (exterior, sort of) it was not an issue at all. Have fun!