Where to rent dvc points?

Is there anywhere to rent dvc points? I found one site, but am not having much luck. Thanks!

http://dvcrentalstore.com/ and http://www.dvcrequest.com/ are the two most popular sites that I am aware of. Both have been around for awhile and have loyal followings.

Some Disney message boards also have places where you can try to pair up with someone who has points they are willing to rent, thus cutting out the middle man, but adding the risk of dealing with an individual rather than as established business.

dvcrentalstore.com will check availability for free and they will let you pay over time versus all at once like Davids.

http://www.mouseowners.com/ is the most popular forum for renting direct from an owner. You can often find rentals cheaper per point than the brokers and we’ve had a lot of liners rent with no issue.

There are three major points brokers, plus direct renting boards at MouseOwners and DISBoards. Check out http://blog.touringplans.com/2013/09/01/tips-renting-disney-vacation-club-points/ - it has links to all these places, plus a ton of info on how to rent points.

I’ve used Mouseowners twice. Once in 2012 with a perfect transaction. I have a june trip booked and so far it’s been a perfect transaction also. Good luck!

We found an owner on Mouseowners because none of the three points brokers had any points for the reservation we wanted, even though there was availability at the hotel. We’re going to be using her again next spring. Good luck!

I’ve used DVCRentalStore.com and they were amazing.

I’m currently working with dvcrentalstore.com for a trip in November. Booked Animal Kingdom Kidani - Savanna Studio room. The price is about half what Disney would want if booking directly with them so I think it was a very good decision. The rep I’m working with has been very fast, honest and friendly so no complaints so far!

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I’m also working with dvcrentalstore.com for a trip in Sept. AKL - Kidani Savanah studio room. Would have cost about the same to stay in a moderate as what we’re paying for DVC rental. They have been great and easy to work with. Will use them again, I think.

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