Where to pick up tickets

New to Universal (WDW convert) and just want to confirm what I know is a simple question. I’m ordering my tickets for a June trip, will I have to get them at the front gate or can I get them at the hotel (staying at Cabana Bay)?

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When purchasing, if you choose to pick them up, you can get them at the hotel on arrival. They will print them out for you, there are even kiosks to do it yourself.


Does CB have a “vacation planning desk”?

There would also be self-service kiosks outside the park entrance gates.


Thank you both! We’ll be arriving at CB a day early, and I was hoping to be able to pick up the tix there rather than bother with it at the park entrance. Being our first time at UOR, I want to simplify as much as possible.


If you ordered them through UT, they don’t give you hard tickets anymore, and the hotel won’t be able to print them there. What we ended up doing was, used our phones to get into the park. Once inside, we went into guest services, where they gave us actual tickets. It took all of ten minutes including being in line, and printing them.

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CB does have one. If you turn left after the front door, it will be on your left.

If for some reason they can’t do it, there is a guests services in the early part of City Walk on your left along the central lane. If you get there before park close, the line shouldn’t be too long.

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As @padfoot86 mentioned you have to make sure you pick to pick up the tickets. If they are electronically delivered the only option. You have is using your phone or printing at home.

I ordered them directly through Universal, so the only option they show is to pick up at will call.

That’s odd, you usually have a choice of an electronic ticket.

I have ordered some tickets through TouringPlansTravel, and the travel agent has told me that, in lieu of using will call at the parks, use one of the available kiosks.

I cannot comment how it works if you are staying onsite.