Where to leave Magic Band for Family Member Checking in Late

My dad will be in FL before us. Going for baseball spring training. I am having his MB shipped to me since he won’t be home to get it. But we will be in park on his arrival day. Should I leave his band at POP front desk or handle this another way?

If you have time, could you mail it to him now? Or might he forget to bring it?

I’ve mailed them out to people when I got them if they needed it.

We don’t even have them yet. He will already be gone when they ship that is why I was having it shipped to me. He won’t be home to get it.

Ahh ok. I totally misread your post. Lol.

When you check in, you can explain it to the front desk and they should be able to help. I’ve left stuff at the front desk for people quite a few times, in envelopes and boxes, with their names on them with no problems.

But it’s always good to verify each time.

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Super! Thanks, @DarthDopey. I thought maybe I could do that but wasn’t sure. If that fails, I am sure the CM can tell me what to do at that point.

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I’ve left my late arriving mom’s MB with the front desk and she never had a problem getting it… If I remember correctly, you just tell them your name, his name and room number :slight_smile:


Great @rachaelmac22!

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