Where to keep express pass

I chose to print my tickets at home so they are regular paper tickets. Where do you guys usually keep the express pass since it had to be shown at every ride? Do they sell lanyards there? Are they expensive?

I bought cheap(er) lanyards on amazon to bring to park. You can get online, in your local mall (spencers), in park, in onsite hotel stores. Make sure they have the clear plastic holders for express pass. I honestly don’t know how much they are on property…my guess is $20 or less. Also, if you are going on Hogwarts express you will need to show your entry ticket (park to park) to get into line. I kept both park ticket and express pass in the lanyard (and hotel card key) since this is about all you’ll want to carry in the park (locker-ing bags is a pain, though you have to do it for cell phones on some rides).

I agree completely with you. We are at UOR right now using lanyards purchased off of Amazon with the water proof holders to hold hotel key, express pass, and ticket. I’ve of my nieces has carried a bag every day this trip and getting into and out of the lockers is a pain. Highly recommend going without a bag if you can manage it.

We made use of a laminating machine at my work and then put the spare laminated copy (sharp corners cut of course) into my boardies pocket. I guess clear schoolbook contact could also work.

Thanks for the tips. Oh how I wish I didn’t need a bag, but if I don’t bring the diapers and formula we’re going to have a terrible time :smirk: Maybe in a couple years I’ll be able to travel with just my room key! :crossed_fingers:t2:Good news is we’ll basically have to split ourselves into two groups for almost every ride so I shouldn’t need a locker too often.

If you’re going on the water rides, make sure to put your express pass in a ziploc bag or some other waterproof carrier, even if it’s in a plastic sleeve. I didn’t do that and ended up with a soggy card that wouldn’t scan. Guest Services issued me a new one, but I lost about 30 minutes waiting. Lesson learned!