Where to get "take out" food to eat while waiting for Fantasmic at HS?

I’m hoping to get sandwiches or something similar that will be easy to eat while waiting for Fantasmic. How long do you wait before getting seating (crowd predicted at 3)? I see several hot food options but worried they’ll be cold by the time we’re able to eat them.

There is a kiosk inside F! You can see the menu if you go to the homepage of the TP app- search menu by location- Hollywood Studio

thanks, I just checked it out. Any other recommended restaurants? We’re not huge hot dogs fans :frowning:

You would have to focus on CS options in HS unless you went to Starring Rolls hours earlier.

Food options in HS are abysmal. If you have hoppers, there are sandwiches at Les Halles in France in Epcot, you could get some to go and take the boat to HS.

thanks. its our 1st visit to HS!

There used to me “boxes” of food sold at both Starring Rolls and inside F! They were like “protein boxes” or “sushi” and other selections. Anyone know if they are still available? I do not see them on the lines menu.

Less so than they used to be. Fairfax Fare has a very nice chicken and ribs combo. Backlot Express, if it’s still open, had some good salad options. And the cupcakes at Starring Rolls are perfection! There are some definite dark spots (ABC Commissary, I am looking at you), but I think the food situation there has improved overall.