Where to Find Wizard Money

Is there anywhere in Orlando to get Wizard money for HP area which does not require the use of a ticket to Universal?

Your question is a little confusing. Why would you want to obtain Wizarding money for use in the WWoHP but NOT want to go into Universal? Are you just wanting it as a souvenir?

It is very clever. You ‘buy’ the money, then nobody wants to spend it so you take it home as a souvenir, then you put it in a ‘safe place’ and it is never found again . Hmmm.

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I want to make invitations for the grandchildren inviting them to Hogwarts Castle and I want to put some Wizard Dollars in them. I would need to have them before they go as obviously what good is an invitation after you go? I would need to get the Wizard money without using one of my tickets since I would like to go to Universal with them. We are also doing 5 days in Disney World so if there is somewhere in Orlando I can buy Wizard money without entering the parks I could arrange to go by and pick it up to put into the invitations. I found somewhere online in another thread here but it is $25 for 20 Wizard dollars.

So my question is: Can I buy Wizard money somewhere in Orlando that does not require using a ticket for Universal?

Ah. Makes sense.

You might be able to find someone here who is going to Universal and arrange to pay for some wizard money ahead of time.

Thank you, ryan1.

We will be in Orlando starting on July 16th, 2019 but won’t go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal until the 22nd. Will anyone be in Universal who wouldn’t mind picking up some Wizard money for us? Not certain how we should arrange this so suggestions welcome. I can paypall you the money, or meet up at your convenience to give you cash, or if there is something you’d like us to grab at Disney World for you and exchange we can do that as well. I’m looking for 3x $20 in Wizard money as I have 3 grandchildren.

Yeah, I was looking for that for our trip last fall, and didn’t find anyone who was willing/able to do it. Maybe if you lurk on the Universal threads you might find someone who is heading there soon who would be willing to get the money and mail it to you (after you paypal them the dollars).

I’m the one who ordered the Wizard 20’s for $25 each…and I was very happy to have them before my trip started so I didn’t have to worry about it once we were there. :slight_smile:

Hey BeckyT13! Thank you again for the link to the Wizard 20s for $25 each in that other thread. I guess I messed up as I thought this was in the Universal section. Whups! Hope you had a really great trip! :smiley:

Spouse and I will have about 2/3 of a day in Orlando before the rest of the family arrives we’re planning to use to pick up the van, groceries, the key for the house we’re renting, and a trip to the Disney outlets that sell the close outs from the parks. I am hopeful we can snag some deals on Disney t-shirts for everyone like we did last trip there. A quick run by a Universal store wouldn’t be a problem that day.

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Just thought I would put this information here as it might help others. Just discovered there are Harry Potter themed Universal gift cards. There does not appear to be any extra charge beyond face value for the cards with standard shipping.