Where to Find (Last Minute) Bulk Disney Pins?

I just had a friend recommend that I buy a set of bulk Disney pins (25+ pins) before my upcoming trip in order to trade while we are in the parks. Online, you can get them for around $1/pin.

Here’s my challenge: we leave on Monday!

Does anyone know where to find some bulk Disney pins last minute without paying $40 for shipping? On eBay, I can find some that will arrive by Monday, but we leave at 5am on Monday.


Here’s an example of what’s on eBay: Disney Assorted Pin Trading Lot ~ Pick Size From 5-100 ~ Brand NEW ~ No Doubles | eBay

I haven’t really done pin trading seriously in awhile. When I get a chance to peek at a pin trading board at WDW I don’t really see anything worth trading for. I think a lot of ppl are using pin fodder to trade and the trading boards show it. It’s just my opinion and maybe others will chime in w/ their experience. In the past our family has enjoyed pin trading a lot and had fun curating collections; my DS has a lanyard of all SW pins. For me, now, I just buy pins I love and keep them. Like this one, found/bought earlier this week. I love it, wouldn’t ever trade it away

ETA: this was in a purchase of over $100 of mainly pins too :grimacing:


That makes sense that the board wouldn’t hold much.

I should have mentioned this is mainly for my DS13 who has very few pins. The idea was to have him walk away with a starter pin collection with ones he picked out while at WDW.

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I totally support this goal!!! and pin trading is fun, I still like it but I don’t do it as often as I once did for the reasons I noted earlier.

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I think I have $2000+ in Disney pins. I have been buying them for many years. Most at the parks but some from Ebay. I do no pin trading as they are strictly memories. If one wants to pin trade at the parks the best way is to by bulk on Ebay. these are cheap and are made for the trading game.

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You could go ahead and buy them and have them shipped to your resort. Then you could have them midway through your trip at least.


If I was in the last minute situation looking for trading fodder for my kid, I would look on Craigslist Orlando. Here is the text from the ad titled Disney Trading Pins:
“Disney Trading pins… All pins are $ 1.00 Ea I only sell 30 pins or more… I can meet close to Disney, Im only about 5 mins away … Please text only I will get back to you as soon as I can… Happy Trading”


I didn’t even know Craigslist was still around! Ha! Thanks for the tip.

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